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Join our weekly small groups at CBC for deeper connections and community building beyond Sunday Services.


These groups, with 6-12 members, focus on fostering meaningful relationships, offering support, encouragement, accountability, and the joy of being truly understood.


Our children’s ministry is divided into 3 programs based on age. Our teachers are all dedicated followers of Christ with hearts to see children to experience God personally while they’re still young. Our programs focus on fun activities, connection, worship, illustrations, and practical application. See our programs below to know which one is right for your child!


Super Gang: Ages 4-6 | Excel: Ages: 7-9

Pre-Teens: Ages 10-12


Come join our collection of young people building healthy foundations for their adult life! Catering to youth between 13-20 years old, our gatherings focus on encountering Jesus, building relationships, growing in the supernatural and discovering who God has called each one to be. Identity, truth, fellowship and fun are all focal points of our Synergy group.

PRO 35

Are you aged 21-30? Join our community of like-minded young adults as we journey through the challenges of adulthood together.


We offer a safe space to tackle life's tough questions, from purity and addictions to family dynamics and friendships. Discover support, encouragement, and accountability in an environment focused on caring and love.

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At CBC, we prioritize making every member feel seen, known, loved, and valued. Our Pastoral Team ensures that each member has personal access to a leader for care, support, and emergency assistance.


Our leadership team goes the extra mile with house calls, personal messages, prayers, and regular check-ins. Your well-being is our priority."

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